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In today’s episode, we spoke with Aleks Svetski, the founder of Spirit of Satoshi, the Amber app, and Bitcoin Times. 

Aleks is known for being sneaky, straight to the point, and clear in his messaging. This has helped him emerge as an entrepreneur with previous ventures and knowledge in various fields. 

However, this also means that his persona often overshadows his success online because he doesn’t shy away from calling out things he doesn’t like. This led to him being known as the Bushido of Bitcoin. 

It didn’t stop him from succeeding and coming up with new ideas to help out the ecosystem. One of these ideas was Spirit of Satoshi. A Bitcoin-centric AI, that will enable businesses and projects to grow faster and to be fed the right information. 

In our conversation, we covered a lot of ground. From his early Bitcoin days to him leaving his first Bitcoin company and getting back into it with AI, earlier this year. 

You can follow Aleks on his Twitter: https://twitter.com/SvetskiWrites

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