Russian Trolls

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The Russian Trolls decide to live a day as their American Avatars without breaking character -- just like Academy Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.... but end up acting like Suicide Squad Jared Leto instead.

There are lots of bad American accents and ignorant portrayals of real 'Mericans along the way.

Show Notes


Ashley Risteen as Yelena
Michael A. LoCicero as Lexi
Michael Swain as Ken Kerwitz
Darya Zabinski Kravitz as Xenia
Nikita Zabinski as Mikhail
Phoenyx Williams as Sergei
Alexandra Cipolla as Nadia
Jon Audette as Vlad
Clare Blackmer as Ludmilla

Music by Nikita Zabinski

Produced by JL Stories

What is Russian Trolls?

Russian Trolls is a sitcom podcast about the true story of the Internet Research Agency, the infamous Russian Troll Farm that influenced the 2016 presidential election and may or may not have helped Donald J. Trump become president.