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‘Tis the season… to feel burned out. Fa la la la la -- la la la la! 2020... it's been a hell of a year! Patrice & Laura talk burnout at work, how to reset/recharge, and gratitude to close out the longest year ever.

Show Notes

‘Tis the season… to feel burned out. Fa la la la la -- la la la la! 

In the last #InVinoFab episode of the year, Patrice and Laura share how 2020 has been SO MUCH. We talk about making time and space to reset, recharge, and find some down time or quiet space. With so much care and compassion we put into our learning design, we talk about ways to offer support for colleagues and peers who might be struggling with the overload of 2020 for the work and the invisibility of it all. We chat about how we will reset during our time out of the office and what we’re giving gratitude for before we close out 2020. Happy end of year, y’all. We made it!
We’re grateful for those friends, family, and colleagues who fill our hearts and are part of the community -- like you, dear listener! Thanks and have a relaxing holiday and/or break!

In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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What is The #InVinoFab Podcast?

The #InVinoFab Podcast uncorks to share stories about women+, wine, and work through personal stories. In Vino Fabulum, means: In Wine, Story! Co-hosts @ProfPatrice & @LauraPasquini bring different voices and ideas to the pod to challenge, learn, and engage listeners for issues and ideas impacting women in their communities and at work. These narrative episodes are delightfully paired with interesting projects, workplace experiences, helpful learning anecdotes, and creative discoveries for how women live today. Listen to the podcast and join the conversation at @InVinoFab (Instagram & Twitter).