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Creative Lulls are Temporary, We Just Need To Hang On

Show Notes

Does it ever feel like sometimes we go through a creative lull? Either same old—same old, or it feels like you are just going through the motions? Forces stopping you from enjoying what you like to do?

Right now I’m experiencing a fitness lull, as it has been so cold recently and I haven’t been able to go on a walk. It feels like forever, but really it has only been a few weeks looking back at my exercise activity. I can only see today in my mind, when in reality I have walked a ton this past year. I will walk again soon, just need to wait a bit longer. I won’t give up fitness though—and we shouldn’t give up creativity.

We go through lulls in different times of life. We only see this moment, but the sunshine is coming. That warmer weather is coming, we just need to keep waiting for the next day. The day we open our creative weather app and see bright, warm, sunny creative passion shining back at us!

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What is The Awesome Gnome Letter?

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