Accelerate The Pace

How do financial advisors win the battle for trust?

When clients trust you, they believe your promises, give you access to the most intimate financial details, take your advice, and provide you with referrals.

It is impossible to exaggerate the role of trust in the financial sector.

The financial services industry is at a crossroads today. Clients, conditioned by their experiences in other realms, expect financial experiences that address their wants, needs, and goals seamlessly.

Delivering on client expectations has become increasingly difficult.

Our latest episode features a powerhouse guest from the financial sector. Danielle McConnell, a prolific storyteller and Wealth Advisor with Wealth Strategies Partners, shares her views on the industry and how she ultimately builds and maintains trust with her clients.

Her notable accomplishments include:
• Recognized as a Power Leader in Finance by the NBJ
• A Nashville Business Journal Top Forty Under 40 winner
• American Bankers Association member of the Under 40 in Wealth Management
• Graduate of Young Leaders Council and member of Collective 615
• A bachelor’s degree in Management form Morehead State University and MBA from Xavier University

What is Accelerate The Pace?

Marketing and Selling for Ambitious Brands.

Buyers have become numb to traditional marketing and sales tactics. I founded ATP Strategies, a marketing and sales firm, to help small to mid-size businesses to level the playing field against the industry giants.

Over a decade ago, I was working full-time at a large bank while attending business school at night to earn my MBA. My loving wife, an OB/GYN physician, decided to run her first (and only) marathon. Since I my time was fully committed to work and school, I was only able to cheer her on from the stands. Like many married couples, we know exactly how to get under each other's skin. After her race, she would respond to any question I had with the following, "Only a marathoner would understand." That's all it took to get my blood boiling.

After graduation, I ran my own marathon and I immediately told her, "You can't say 'only a marathoner would understand' to me anymore." Without hesitation, she replied, "yeah, but you didn't beat my time!"

I spent the next 7 years, running 8 marathons to beat her time. Some races I was just one minute shy of beating her. That's less than 3 seconds per mile! I finally surpassed her by getting strategic about my approach, through training, nutrition, and running an intentional race. I essentially was able to Accelerate The Pace in key areas throughout the grueling 26.2 mile race.

I took these valuable lessons learned and applied it to ATP Strategies. If you are able to Accelerate The Pace in strategic planning, marketing, and sales strategies, you will see substantial growth.

My podcast focuses on all things marketing and selling. No topic is off limits and I give a brutal assessment of what I see in the market, what to do, and what to avoid.

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