Edge of NFT Podcast

There's so much influence in the NFT space today. Many new ideas are gaining momentum, and many cool things are happening. One of the life-changing innovations we encountered was the Fantom Foundation. Headed by CEO Michael Kong, Fantom Foundation is a blockchain development platform that provides scalability without compromising decentralization, and security. Michael sits with our hosts Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to talk about the company’s vision and what it offers to the NFT community. Listen in and learn how to scale your business without compromise with this open-source smart contract platform.

What is Edge of NFT Podcast?

Edge of NFT Podcast brings you not only the top 1% of what's going on with NFTs today but what will stand the test of time. We explore the nuts and bolts and the business side, but also the human element of how NFTs are changing the way we interact with the things that we love. This podcast is for the futurists and dreamers, disruptors and doers that are pumped about this ecosystem and driving where it goes next.