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Show Notes

They've complained. They've whined and bellyached. They've nitpicked. They have poked, prodded and otherwise manhandled each and every DC Extended Universe movie released so far.

Now, it's time for them to tell us where they would go from here. This week, Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer have fixed the fucking DCEU.

Being the prima donnas we know they are, each of them obviously felt the need to come up with their own ideas, so we actually get FOUR potential fixes to choose from. They each picked their favourite out of the other three options at the end, and you, dear listener, will get to vote on your preferred option as well (make sure to follow @yourewrongcast on Twitter to get notified when the poll is posted!).
Hopefully, with these many options and so much guidance on which ones everyone prefers, Warner Bros. will finally be able to make a good decision for a change? Eh, I wouldn't count on it. 😒

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