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The final chapter of Pathfinder's Monster Month. This episode we look inside the monsters that aren't born of fiction, but of reality. We immerse ourselves in our fear and fascination of serial killers.

Show Notes

Thank you so much for listening to this Pathfinder mini series. If you haven't already please go back and listen to the previous parts.

This episode we look at the duality of serial killers and why these days we're as obsessed with them as the monsters of the past. We look to Jekyll and Hyde through to the Golden State Killer for why we're so wired on how serial killers function and the curiosity that drives our fascination.

We're joined by Stephen Asma, Professor at Columbia College Chicago. You can find his youtube channel where he offers short workshop videos about how to create meaningful art that is infused with philosophy, history and psychology. He takes you into his own creative process, and offers helpful advice about idea development and image creation. Click here to subscribe You can find out more about Stephen and his books at

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What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a show about storytelling. Each week we explore what makes stories work, uncover the lessons of the past and learn from people who are building worlds with the tools of the future. Written and hosted by Ollie Judge and Rodger Morley