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Each year DPP CEO Mark Harrison travels to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - so you don't have to.

In this episode of the DPP podcast Mark cuts through to the hype to discuss the consumer tech trends which media and broadcast companies actually do need to care about. We also hear from Cognizant's Peter Elvidge, ITV's Laura Jenner and Vubiquity's Peggy Rieckmann at the January 2023 CES Breakfast Briefing to digest Mark's top takeaways.

Show Notes

DPP Editorial Director, Edward Qualtrough, is joined by DPP CEO Mark Harrison to learn about why the Consumer Electronics Show is now a business tech event, with industry driving the major disruptions and innovations.

And at the DPP's CES Breakfast Briefing to discuss the big trends we hear from:

Peter Elvidge, Director, Media & Entertainment | Cognizant
Laura Jenner, Director of Product, CS&D | ITV
Peggy Rieckmann, Account Representative | Vubiquity

Read the report here - CES 2023: What consumer trends mean for the media industry.

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