The European Startup Show

Louisa Murray, COO of Railsbank. Louisa joined Railsbank as the fourth employee in 2017, and built the sales function from scratch. In this episode, we will talk about the rise of embedded finance, making the fintech industry more accessible to women and lessons learnt in building and scaling a fast-growing fintech company.

Show Notes

  • [2:08] Your career from currency trader to COO of Railsbank
  • [6:50] Advice for women in FinTech on growing their careers
  • [11:07] Building a high-performance sales team and hiring women after a career break
  • [16:24] Current trends in embedded finance and fintech
  • [25:46] Growing from 120 - 500 people

Little Women by Louisa Alcott

What is The European Startup Show?

To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs.

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