Then Comes What?

Then Comes What talks about embracing godly sex roles without overreacting or being dumb or a dope.

Show Notes

Christians today are, shall we say, rediscovering Biblical sexuality. Or at least trying to wade out of the muck of the lies that the world tells about it. There are good ways to do this, there are bad ways to do this, and there are very silly ways to do this. But, however we do it, it's gonna get messy. How do we make sense of the mess? Is there a place for letting immature people "over-repent"? How does a man reclaim masculinity? How does a woman reclaim femininity? How should they NOT do it?

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What is Then Comes What??

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…what? "Then Comes What ?" is a monthly show where Pastor Tim Bayly, Pastor Jake Mentzel, and Nathan Alberson of Warhorn Media open up everything you wanted to know (and some things you didn’t) about love, sex, marriage, children, manhood, womanhood, and more.