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Is It Better to Pay Off Your Owner-Occupant Mortgage When Nomading? How much better is it?

Show Notes

Most real estate investors consider themselves financially independent when the income from all of their investments exceeds their personal expenses. To achieve this, they need net positive cash flow from all rental properties after all expenses, any income generated from stocks, bonds, or other investments times a safe withdrawal rate, and any social security, pensions or annuities.

On the expense side, they need to consider all personal expenses, such as food, taxes, insurance, entertainment, healthcare, and housing. If they have a mortgage on their personal residence, that would include their mortgage payment. However, paying off the mortgage effectively reduces the amount of income needed to cover expenses by the amount of the mortgage payment that no longer exists.

If you have extra money invested in stocks, bonds, or other assets and could pay off your mortgage to achieve financial independence, it may be worth considering. This mini-class will explore the impact of paying off your owner-occupant mortgage and its effect on achieving financial independence faster than the traditional Nomad™ strategy. We will also examine how this decision could impact your net worth and compare the risks to the traditional Nomad™ strategy.

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