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Welcome to Avast Hacker Archives, a new series that uncovers the AHA! Moments hackers and researchers have had over the course of their careers.

I am Jaya Baloo, CISO at Avast, and today’s guest is Troy Hunt, well-known web security consultant.

Troy is the Creator of “Have I Been Pwned?”, a website that allows Internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. He is most recognised for his commentary on high-profile data breaches in the media and to the US Congress. He is also an international speaker on web security and the author of many top-rated security courses for web developers on Pluralsight.

Thank you for joining us today!

Show Notes

Troy Hunt is an Australian web security consultant known for public education and outreach on security topics. He created Have I Been Pwned?, a data breach search website that allows non-technical users to see if their personal information has been compromised. He has also authored several popular security-related courses on Pluralsight, and regularly presents keynotes and workshops on security topics (Source).

He holds the title of Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Developer Security. He doesn’t work for the company but the brand recognises his community contributions through their award programs which he has been a part of since 2011. 

For fourteen years prior to going fully independent, he worked at Pfizer; the last seven of these years being responsible for application architecture in the Asia Pacific region. Time spent in a large corporate environment gave him huge exposure to all aspects of technology as well as the diverse cultures my role spanned. Many of the things he teaches in post-corporate life are based on these experiences, particularly as a result of working with a large number of outsourcing vendors across the globe. 

He regularly speaks to the US Congress about the impact of data breaches.

What is Avast Hacker Archives?

Avast is launching a new series, Avast Hacker Archives, that uncovers the “Aha!” moments that hackers and researchers have had over the course of their careers. Jaya Baloo, Avast CISO and the host of the series, will be chatting with renowned security experts about their backgrounds, education, and, of course, their toughest and funniest hack stories and projects — nitty-gritty and technical details included.

Security professionals, hardware experts, threat intelligence leads, privacy advocates, and vulnerability researchers around the globe will join Jaya in discussing current and future trends in the cybersecurity industry.