Pint-sized Reptiles Podcast

In our 5th episode we are joined by Zach Goodnow of  Equatorial Ecosystems.  Zach has a diverse collection of reptiles and amphibians but on this episode we are going to focus on glass frogs. We discuss natural history and captive care of glass frogs.  We also talk about how they have come to be in the hobby and how easy or hard they are to keep as a pet.

What is Pint-sized Reptiles Podcast?

The herptile community is incredibly diverse. However, most of the media tends to focus on the larger, more "in your face" species. 'Pint-sized Reptiles' is taking a different approach. Join James, Jason, and Travis as they turn our gaze to the smaller herps within the community that often get overshadowed by their larger brethren.