Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Jon tells us about his start in tech, the importance of curiosity, and different forms of communication in a project.

Show Notes

Talking Points: 
  • Jon Jandoc’s Career Beginnings
  • Management and Single Contribution
  • Tool Sets and Optimization
  • Key Engineer Traits
  • Forms of Positive Communication
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “Don’t focus on the tools but [rather] the principles.” - JJ
  • “It’s hard for me to get excited about webpack, but I respect it a lot.” - JJ
  • “I have strong feelings about lots of things, but I don’t hold on to them too tightly because I am always open to other things.” - JJ
  • “There is always something to explore.” - JJ
  • “Curiosity and being open to dialogue leads to good engineers and enjoyable people to be around.” - JJ
  • “If there’s a roadblock, you should be able to communicate that clearly.” - JJ
  • “Communication isn’t just talking.” - JJ
  • “Documentation is communication throughout time.” - JJ
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