Atlas Balked

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We go deep into our upcoming expansion draft (sort of) and the boys attempt to solve some of the most intractable problems facing us today.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss: 

  • When are we recording this? 
  • Make it last 
  • Listen on slow play 
  • Ceiling fans and the power of perspective 
  • 409 ain't that clean! 
  • Super Duper 
  • Tito is back 
  • And it’s about Justin 
  • A funny reference to Episode 39 
  • J-Lo’s museum  
  • A murder scene? 
  • Hidden in plain sight 
  • Feedback from the Magnificent  
  • Helping out our listeners  
  • Face Forward and Cycle 
  • Forced Fantasy! 
  • Expansion draft rules 
  • Now is the time for you to crack open that energy drink 
  • Ownership opportunity is available 
  • We are in it too deeP 
  • GK can do math 
  • Is complimented on that 
  • And then, inexplicably, goes on the attack 
  • Jay Gruden a possible owner? 
  • How about Lenny? 
  • Psuedo’s team name cannot stand 
  • We ask some other super-fans 
  • No free agency in fandom 
  • …..says J-Lo 
  • Does he really mean his grandmother? 
  • C’mon Nails, seriously?!? 
  • The very strange connections between the Beach Boys and Charlie Manson 

What is Atlas Balked?

Welcome to Atlas Balked, a weekly chronicle concerning the mundane, weird, and maybe even sometimes dramatic happenings of a Simple Fantasy Baseball League .

This podcast captures the thoughts and musings Gregg, Joe, Jack and Tim - four of the twelve owners in the league.