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Sue Martin talks about Books Go Walkabout - our literacy projects, children's books we like and our engagement with readers and educators around the world...

Show Notes

About Books Go Walkabout.

Sue Martin begins by telling our listeners what our project does and the change it tries to effect.
Books Go Walkabout events and literacy projects bring an inspirational dimension to reading and writing, literacy and cultural exchange.
Children and students engage with authors across the world in real and virtual time . By speaking directly with the author, students are involved and our books come to life. Stories from different countries make the world a smaller place. Books enable and embrace a deep and powerful understanding of culture and people, places and the planet. 
We travel and explore, we bring you the variety of life on earth directly to your door.  We are based in Cambridge, UK . 

What is Discover Books Go Talkabout?

Books go Walkabout delivers literacy projects and book event across the globe. In this episode Sue Martin , our Partnership lead on literacy and education, introduces our our projects and explains how Books go Walkabout enhances and supports learning and cultural understanding.

Reading about the World image: Carl Jorgensen, Creative Commons, Unsplash