The Archipelago

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In this episode of The Archipelago, journalist Florian Sievers, co-editor of the book, talks about our changing perspective on clubbing when we move past the Detroit-Berlin-Chicago-Manchester axis, the radical transformations of culture in Berlin and how minimal techno went stale. Sean O’Toole, author of an essay on the politics of clubbing in Johannesburg, joins in to talk about the South African city’s clubbing culture as formed by its history of racial segregation, followed by a discussion on the future of clubbing post-Covid-19.
Starting in 2012, the project “Ten Cities” brought African and European music producers in collaboration, resulting in a collection that was released to the public in 2014. An upcoming book bearing the same title dives deeper into the project, through an anthology that examines both music and politics of the clubbing culture in five European and five African cities.

What is The Archipelago?

A 60-minute talk show featuring theorists, artists and writers contemplating on the cultural moment. The Archipelago follows ideas that erupt from the abyss of human activity, diverse and divergent at first, before congealing into a new pensive framework. A podcast series as an archive of differing viewpoints, blending together into an imaginary production of the future.
Hosted by Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou