Show Notes

Sup gang - welcome to Episode 48 of Slaaap Haaapy!!

This week I'm speaking with Melbourne based audio engineer and artist, Riverine. With credits for Noah Vernon, Kill Carter, YNG Martyr and Sin Santos, he's really made a name for himself as one of the go-to-guys in the world of professional audio engineering and production.

He is a gem of a human, a super talented artist and now a soulless (jks) Tik Tok creator - for real though, he has a really strong and growing account that I take a lot of inspo from. Have a look below for a rundown of what we discuss... please enjoy my chat with Riverine!

Some of what we speak about:
0:00 Intro
0:30 Introduction to Riverine
2:09 A day in the life
4:45 Frantic energy and learning how to trust yourself
11:30 Keeping track of your lies
12:50 Karma
15:47 Values and the influence of parents
25:40 How he got into music and transitioned into full time engineer
39:35 Having enough money to feel safe & UBI
49:10 Playing the TIK TOK game
54:50 Getting clients from TIK TOK
57:01 Niche and consistency is key
59:30 What I’m trying to build with podcasting
1:03:22 Managing rūku
1:08:20 Melbourne music community
1:12:16 Arnt Mae
1:14:45 New collab with Reyko! - “Security”
1:17:25 Promo doesn’t end on week 1
1:18:15 Learning how to find balance and the importance of execution
1:23:20 New music
1:24:54 Working with boundaries
1:26:30 Final TIK TOK tips

Check him out:
Tik Tok:

See you in the winners circle!



Hi I'm Savilian, a hip-hop artist based in Melbourne, Australia - this is a show about me and the things I find interesting.

You will always find me talking about the music I release, as well as the music industry in Oz... you will definitely find me talking about books I am reading or thoughts I have on things I have watched relating to mental health and cultivating a strong mind... and you will occasionally find me talking about my career and journey as a day trader on the ASX.

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