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The comic ponders romance, racist hotel showers, post-coital bedtime prayers, and why he loves women of a certain age

Show Notes

If you like good stand-up comedy shows, this is for you. If you want to get a good laugh and have some to think about and chuckle, this show is for you.

Deon is usually pretty funny, but he was absolutely hilarious in this show. I laughed so hard during the entire show that my face and my belly hurt. I love that he can be so funny and raunchy while still send positive messages. The show was recorded live in Brooklyn, NY, with a huge audience. Still, Deon got to interact with the audience and make some witty remarks. You'll feel almost as if you were part of the audience. I highly recommend this show
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Creators & Guests

Reese Chanson
Producer, director, writer. Basically one man production team.

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