How Are Ya Now?

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Tiara and Dean chat with WWE2K19 Letterkenny character and arena designer, Keith Maki, about Season 3, Episode 5: The Battle for Bonnie McMurray.

Show Notes

Season 3, Episode 5 - The Battle for Bonnie McMurray

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Guest Host:  Keith Maki -

  • Wrestling chat
    • WWE2K19 playable characters/arena - PS4 only #Letterkenny on Community Creations
  • Short recap of prior episode:  Les Hiques
  • Deep dive into The Battle for Bonnie McMurray
    • Dad noises
    • Bonnie having a hot tub party
    • Dary, Dan, Katy gonna battle for Bonnie
    • Bonnie is 20
    • "Let the paint dry."
    • Skideo games
    • Tanis has BDE - Big Dick Energy
    • Letterkenny needs more THICC women!
    • Hockey players and pube shaving
    • Boomtown's junk
    • Hot tub types
    • Logo superstition
    • Jersey/Sweater superstition
    • Don Cherry reference
    • Tyler Johnston adoration
    • "Junk's out, boys!"
    • Dary & Dan:  funny = farting
    • Ogopogo waters
    • Gae vs. Tanis - BOSS FIGHT
    • Gae's mom - Wayne's first date with Kim the psychologist
    • Tyson and Joint Boy join the team
    • Bas McRae reference
    • "Great dick, Boomtown!"
    • Wayne going to make dad noises with Rosie
    • Book chat
    • Game of Thrones talk

  • Ogopogo -
  • Bas McRae - former hockey player/enforcer
  • Sweater - hockey jersey
  • Are Gae's parents still together?  Is her mom/dad poly?
  • Bonnie & Katy flirting is adorable
  • Is some of Katy's interest because of having been with Mrs. Murray
  • Where did the idea for "dad noises" come from?
  • Dan vs. Dary juxtaposition between Reilly & Jonesy
  • Wayne - Autistic?
Fuck / Fight / FERDA!

  • Sexy times for Katy, Rosie, Gae, Tanis (Tiara will be a puck bunny for Joint Boy and Tyson)
  • Keith is gonna have a scrap with Wayne. Tiara is gonna kick Shoresy in the balls.
  • FERDA fer tha rest
Next episode:  Bradley is a Killer

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