You're Wrong

After watching this god-forsaken movie, my brain was as nuked as Indy should have been inside that stupid fridge.
Another beloved franchise ruined by a shitty sequel. This time, a franchise near and dear to every nerd's heart: Indiana Jones. Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer tackled the atomic dumpster fire that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a name as obnoxious as the movie is bad.

I won't even try to comment on it here; it would be too long a description, honestly. Just listen to the episode. Hopefully, hearing the movie torn to shreds will provide some measure of catharsis for all of us.

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What is You're Wrong?

You're Wrong is on permanent hiatus, but Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer aren't! They have a new podcast, dedicated (almost) exclusively to movies, called Popcorn & Plot Holes. Come listen to their ramblings at or anywhere you get your podcasts from!