Junior to Senior with David Guttman

David and David talk about providing value for your customers, how to know if you are providing value, and being a good engineer.

Show Notes

Talking Points:
  • Building products people use
  • Getting a job you can be great at
  • Be in places where luck can happen to you
  • How to know if you are providing value
Quotable Quotes:
  • “If you're not providing value in your ecosystem, interacting with this person is not a good use of time or money.” - DS
  • “If you're aligned with your managers, then you'll tend to produce value for them.” - DS
  • “If you don't fundamentally care about who you serve, you should consider whether that's the job you want.” - DS
  • “You need to be where luck can happen to you.” - DS
  • “Is the product, is the team better for me having been here?” - DS
  • “Constantly refactor. Don't ask for permission to refactor.” - DS
  • “A good engineer is refactoring a little bit along the way, all the time.” - DS
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