Turning Your Cruising Dreams Into Reality

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Are you just stepping into the cruising world? Or are you a seasoned salty? I've journeyed from newbie to professional mariner - I get it - I understand what it is like. Here I look at it from both points of view - both will learn something from this story. (As well as a gem of tip!)

Show Notes

I found the nautical world so daunting I withdrew and became really shy. I couldn't cope with the new language and culture, and as a person who wasn't particularly 'handy' I struggled with boat maintenance. I look back at that time and realise it is helping me so much now. As a professional mariner, I went from one extreme to the other. Now I can help others make that transition. Whether you are a seasoned sailor, a beginner, or anything in between - there is advice for you all - some may be a surprise... where do you sit with your knowledge, how do you help newbies fit in and have you tapped into this great resource of ideas...?

What is Turning Your Cruising Dreams Into Reality?

Practical, entertaining and informative stories.

From adventures around the globe on a small boat to practical tips and advice from international commercial and recreational sailors.