Far Betterment

Alicia Guler joins me to discuss facing anorexia, her recovery, and perseverance moving forward.

Show Notes

Since the recording of this podcast, Alicia Guler has been accepted to Northwestern's Mental Health Counseling Program. We want to wish her a HUGE congratulations! She's going to go on and help a lot of people.

I first met Alicia Guler when she was a kid and I was impressed then and even more impressed now. She's grown into an incredibly brave and introspective person, and I am humbled by her resounding perseverance, self awareness, and thoughtful answers. In this episode we talk about her struggle with anorexia and her treatment and recovery. We discuss the struggle and pressure of having a "hidden disorder" and finally being honest with others and herself. 

If you or someone you now suffers from anorexia, mental illness, or any form of disorder, please reach out and seek help.
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