Tell Me More

In this heartwarming episode, Pippa and Josh Nicolaisen share an insightful and emotional conversation about their experiences and passions. From Josh's journey as a snowboarder to his dedication to promoting mental health awareness, the episode delves into the profound impact of snow sports, empathizing with others, and finding happiness in diverse experiences and challenges. 

With candid discussions on environmental activism, financial barriers in competitive snowboarding, and personal coping strategies, Pippa and Josh offer a thought-provoking and uplifting perspective on self-improvement and community support. From insightful conversations about finding happiness and supporting mental health to the impact of environmental advocacy in the snow sports community, this episode offers valuable insights and heartwarming stories. 

Join us in exploring the power of community support, self-care, and meaningful connections. For more engaging conversations and insights on mental health, environmental activism, and the power of community support, tune in to the “Tell Me More” podcast and join us on this uplifting journey of self-discovery and empathy.

What is Tell Me More ?

Welcome to 'Tell Me More,' the podcast dedicated to raising awareness about teen mental health within the ski and snowboarding community. Join us as we explore the unique challenges faced by young snow sports enthusiasts and provide valuable insights, coping strategies, and resources to support their mental well-being.

Our episodes feature candid conversations with experts, athletes, and individuals who have overcome mental health struggles, offering a platform for open discussion and destigmatization. Whether you're a teen, parent, coach, or anyone interested in supporting the mental health of young snow sports enthusiasts, this podcast is for you.

Topics include stress management, building resilience, positive psychology, self-care, and fostering a supportive community. Together, let's break down barriers and create a healthier, more inclusive environment for teens in the snow sports world.

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