Chris Waddell's Nametags Chat Podcast

Rob Balucas is an ‘every-man joe’ who was thrust into extraordinary circumstances in 2015 when a cycling accident rendered him paraplegic. At the time he was training for his first half IRONMAN triathlon the very next weekend. He vowed to return and raced in 3 sprint-distance triathlons as a paratriathlete that following year.
Since then he’s competed in 6 half IRONMANs, including the 2019 half IRONMAN World Championships in France. After qualifying, but delayed by 2 years of COVID, his next goal is to cross the finish line at triathlon’s biggest stage - the Kona (full) IRONMAN World Championship - this coming October 2022. Outside of paratriathlon, Rob resides in Southern California with his partner, Erika, and their dog Chloe. He is founder and Chief Creative Catalyst at babaLucas Creative, serving the branding and online marketing needs of small businesses and nonprofits.

What is Chris Waddell's Nametags Chat Podcast?

Those who face the greatest adversity tell the most enlightening stories. Hall of Fame Paralympic athlete, the first “nearly unassisted” paraplegic to summit Mt Kilimanjaro and the founder of One Revolution Foundation Chris Waddell chats with members of the adaptive community regarding some of life’s most enduring questions: am I a victim or a survivor, is the situation overwhelming or a challenge, am I alone or part of a team and do I have one strategy or many? One Revolution’s Nametags Educational Program provides a jumping off point for people who live a life of courage, fulfilment and purpose that defies many.