I Too Sabi

What if you find out your partner is cheating on you on your wedding day? How do you deal with a spouse who constantly makes fun of you? 
In this week’s episode, SwitOpe and Chydee decide to play a very interesting game of ’Scenarios,' where they answer all kinds of fun and thought-provoking scenario-based questions about relationships. Join the duo as they break down various complex hypothetical questions. 
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Creators & Guests

Chidi "Chydee" Okereke
Chidi "Chydee" Okereke is a content creator, digital marketer and communications expert.
Ope "SwitOpe" Keshinro
Ope "SwitOpe" Keshinro is an award-winning content creator, event host, radio presenter and all round storyteller.
Aisha Salaudeen
Aisha Salaudeen is a multimedia storyteller based in Nigeria. She has worked in full-time and freelance journalism, using images, videos, audio, and text to report and investigate diverse human interest stories in Africa.

What is I Too Sabi ?

This is a Nigeria-focused "ask me anything" podcast that answers a wide range of questions through research and expert insights. In every episode, 'I Too Sabi' will be your partner in finding answers to the questions you have piled up - no matter how crazy or unexpected.