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  • [00:00] Guest intro.
  • [02:00] Layoff stories.
  • [16:45] Reasons, patterns, signals of a layoff.
  • [23:28] What explains recent tech layoffs, and why should we be worried? - Research says layoff does not reduce cost.
  • [24:10] Reason for layoff and hiring at the same time.
  • [25:40] Cash reserve != lower layoff probability
  • [27:00] Prioritize growth when money is cheap; prioritize “rule of 40” in today’s world.
  • [28:35] Layoff patterns at team level. You don’t know the truth of the “algorithm”. Decisions happen at Director+, even SVP level. Line managers and skip managers don’t have the layoff list. Data collection before executing the layoff.
  • [33:25] Meta vs Google layoff strategy difference.
  • [36:05] Avoid taking on risky projects.
  • [37:20] Survival tips for individual contributors
    • Layoffs are random. Always have a backup plan.
    • Business critical team; performance evaluation.
    • Importance of organizational visibility.
    • Be mentally prepared.
    • Do enough people work.
    • Follow the trend.
  • [48:00] Macro tech industry trend.
  • [52:08] Ending words.


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