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What is the meaning of YouTuber burnout? Is it something you need to be worried about, and how can you prevent burnout? What happens to a YouTube channel when you take a break, and will taking a break from YouTube harm your channel?



This is the Follower Forge Podcast, previously known as the Minecraft Creator Podcast.
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Hosted by LeigerGaming


The Guardian article: The YouTube stars heading for burnout
Rachel from YouTube on the topic of creator burnout: YouTube Algorithm Answers (from 4:58)
Plastic Scot's channel: Plastic Scot on YouTube
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Creators & Guests

I make stuff, and love every moment •
Plastic Scot
YouTuber with a focus on Battle Sim content, occasionally plays Minecraft.

What is Follower Forge?

Helping you to forge your following online! :)

Previously known as the "Minecraft Creator Podcast", so if you are searching for the Minecraft Creator Podcast, this is it! :)

This is an audio podcast, where we discuss important topics for all content makers: creator burnout, titles and thumbnails, audience retention, how to make a call to action, and more tools and techniques that you'll need to succeed on YouTube and Twitch!

Follower Forge follows the journey of content creators as they grow their channels, and develop the skills necessary to successfully entertain and educate viewers in the gaming niche - particularly Minecraft.

Previously known as: Minecraft Creator Podcast