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The guys talk to the founder of Acoustics Insider about getting acoustics right in your recording space and how it's different than getting acoustics right in a mixing space.

Show Notes

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In this Acoustics 201 episode, we talk to Jesco Lohan of Acoustics Insider about getting recording room acoustics right on a budget. Jesco is a platinum award winning mix engineer and acoustician based out of Berlin, Germany. Jesco has created a FREE pdf guide just for our community. You can download it here: 5 Steps To Recording Room Acoustics On A Budget

In this episode, you will learn:
  • How to know when it's time to start considering the acoustics of your recording room 
  • What to listen for when assessing your room
  • What room modes are and why they're a problem in the low end
  • Some rules of thumb for instrument and amp placement in your rehearsal and recording space
  • How to develop your "taste" for different types of room sound
  • What are "early reflections" and why are they the biggest problem in most DIY recording situations
  • Why broadband porous absorbers are likely your best solution
  • Why there is really only one type of panel you need to integrate into your strategy to start and what it is
  • Why panel size matters for determining how low into the frequency spectrum your absorber will work
  • Why acoustic foam is so popular - and why you should actually avoid it
  • What a "bass trap" is and whether it really is different than other acoustic absorbers
  • What material options we have for porous absorbers and how they're different
  • When "measuring" your room is important
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Free PDF "5 Steps To Recording Room Acoustics On A Budget"

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