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A common challenge facing business transformation programmes is the misunderstanding and confusion around the roles that external suppliers should play, versus those of your internal programme team. External suppliers can include management consultants, technology vendors, and integration partners - all of which have an essential role to play in delivering successful transformation. In this episode, we discuss how, as a programme sponsor, you can reduce the risk of selecting the wrong partners for your needs, and avoid the confusion that arises when you ask the wrong people, whether external or internal, to take on the wrong tasks in your transformation.

Show Notes

As a customer of that technology vendor, engage with whatever there product development process is. Even though we're talking about implementation right now get involved early; influence the roadmap. 

Welcome to season two of the Underscore Transformation Podcast. We hope you enjoy this episode exploring the importance of selecting the right technology vendors, management consultants and integration partners for your business transformation. This season focuses on the Build phase of transformation and follows on directly from season one (Scoping). If you haven't already, we recommend you listen to episodes 2-11 of season one as we will refer back to these topics, and they are vital in building the foundation knowledge required to move into the next phase of transformation.

Season two will cover the following points:  
1. Resource your programme team

2. Build your future support model

3. Manage business change

4. Solution design

5. Get the best out of suppliers

6. Target Operating Model – detailed design

7. Integrations & Reporting

8. Data

9. Testing, testing, testing

10. Governance & control

We will soon be releasing our white paper on the above points, which will be available for download via our website.

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This episode was recorded and produced by Matt Gore of icon business media.

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