Sam Talks Telehealth

In this episode our guest is Dr. Tony Sterns, Founder and CEO at iRxReminder. iRxReminder is a smartphone-based prescription management platform that empowers patients and healthcare professionals to manage medications together.

Show Notes

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Tony Sterns, CEO of iRx Reminder, a company working to create technology that helps people take their medication on time and correctly. He’s also a part time professor with a background in industrial organizational psychology and engineering. He also serves as the Secretary General of the International Society of Gerontechnology which focuses on designing technology aimed at independent living and social participation for people as they age.

We’ll be discussing:
  • Telemedicine trends as the healthcare industry changed to adapt to the pandemic
  • Establishing opportunities in integrating digital health solutions appropriate for each patient
  • The limited access to cardiac units both in geographical access and typical hours of operation
  • Finding the right digital health approach
  • Optimizing telehealth processes by collaborative work and trial-and-error tests

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