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In this episode of 'Ladies Who Create,' hosts Liz Meyer and Jess Rosenberg interview Andrea Mata, a creative director and digital designer based in Mexico City. Andrea shares her inspiring career journey, from selling creative tattoos as a child to working with major global brands like Google, NBA, TikTok, and more. She discusses the evolution of her career, emphasizing her experiences in editorial and digital design, her time at prominent agencies like Ueno and Jam3, and her current role at Runway, an AI company that is transforming creative workflows. Andrea also delves into the concept of combining creativity with technology, especially through AI tools, and how these innovations are democratizing creative expression. She provides insights into overcoming imposter syndrome, staying open to learning, and balancing work with personal life. Finally, she offers valuable advice for young creatives looking to break into the industry.

More about Andrea:
Andrea Mata is a Creative generalist. She's currently doing her thing at Runway, an AI research company, where she cooks up awesome initiatives to make Runway the go-to tool for creatives everywhere. Andrea's into everything from websites and apps to interactive experiences and even messing around with AI. She calls Mexico City home, where she lives it up with her pup, and sips on the best coffee in the world.


Creators & Guests

Jessica Rosenberg
Co-host of Ladies who Create, Creative Director, Mom
Liz Meyer
Creative Director, Owner of the design studio Datalands, mom

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A podcast highlighting extraordinary women in the design and creative industry. Hosted by Jess Rosenberg and Liz Meyer.