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In this episode, Simon Grimm interviews Kacper Kapuściak, a React Native open-source developer at Software Mansion. They explore the importance of microinteractions in app design and how to identify relevant microinteractions. Kacper shares insights on layout animations and the current state of web support for Gesture Handler and Reanimated. They conclude by discussing the future of these libraries, including upcoming features and improvements for Reanimated and the React Native IDE project.

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Kacper Kapuściak
  • Transitioning from the Animated API to Reanimated can provide more flexibility and better performance for animations in React Native.
  • Microinteractions are small, subtle animations and interactions that enhance the user experience and make an app feel more polished.
  • Layout animations are a powerful tool for animating the appearance and disappearance of components in React Native.
  • Gesture Handler and Reanimated have good web support, allowing developers to create interactive and animated experiences across platforms.
  • The future of Gesture Handler and Reanimated includes features like screen transitions and improvements in multi-threading capabilities. 
  • The React Native IDE is currently in a private beta testing phase and will be a VS Code plugin.

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