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We discussed waterline bacteria last week and I really wanted to bring Kellie T discuss what is really going on at the clinical level and our private practice clients can do immediately to make sure they have the safest dental practice. From my stand point, why wait or be intimidated by inspection, right, it is more important to build the culture of safety and having a good night sleep. This is why I love what my friends at ProEdge dental lab are doing and how dedicated they are to serve dental industry.

Show Notes

This will be 2 part podcast series where I bring guests from ProEdge Dental Water Labs - Mike Rust Regional Sales Manager and Kellie Thimmes, Senior Consultant & Education Specialist to discuss details of shocking and which product will suit you best.


1. The Most Effective Dental Waterline Maintanence Protocol - 

2. Complete Guide to Treating Dental Unit Waterlines - 

3. Water Test Submission Forum  - 

4.Pros and Cons of in office test and Mail In test:
  1. Pros and Cons of in office tests (QuickPass - https://proedgedental.com/products/quickpass/)
  2. Mail-In tests (https://proedgedental.com/products/r2a-waterline-testing-kit/#slide-80801

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