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Buckle up for this one, because Alex Doubet is going to drop some wisdom bombs on us all. He's the founder and CEO of, a flat-fee brokerage based in Dallas, TX that is on a mission to help home-owners keep more when they sell. In this interview, Alex details how a simple thank you note (or should I say the lack of one) was the catalyst to starting Door, how culture impacts the growth of a company, and it's both good for the consumer and challenging to run a real estate brokerage, title company, and mortgage brokerage--all at once. Of course, we get into some industry banter and yes you will hear some complaints in here about how the average real estate agent is working (or not working) these days.

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Show Notes

Alex founded Door when his mom sold her house with a traditional real estate agent, paid 6% commission, and did not even get a thank you note. is has the technology and expert agents you need to sell your home in the new digital world of real estate. Best of all? You only pay a flat fee, anywhere in the country, when your home sells.

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