Ship SaaS Faster

Simon has had to go back and look at what is effecting his SEO rankings. Volkan decide to backtrack and not build a cool feature.

Show Notes

Simon is spending a lot of his time on the marketing site. The recent upgrade to the marketing site has lowered SnapShooters rankings so Simon is using tools like ahrefs to figure it out with his content editor.

Volkan spent a few days prototyping a big feature but decided it was better to focus time elsewhere.

Volkan is also having some success with Twitter and finding potential power users to push Versoly closer to product market fit.

Simon also goes viral in the middle of the podcast on Hackers News for his Digital Ocean location blog post.

Simon on Twitter
Volkan on Twitter
SnapShooter - Simon's startup
Versoly - Volkan's startup

Creators & Guests

Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of SnapShooter
Volkan Kaya
Bootstrapped founder of Versoly

What is Ship SaaS Faster?

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