Forward Thinking Founders

Steve and I talk all about building systems to maintain a high level of personal growth. Steve is an incredibly impressive individual, I hope you get as much value out of this podcast as I did.

Show Notes

Basic information:
Steve is the cofounder and CEO of Tenzo Tea. Tenzo™ is ceremonial grade matcha green tea, a beverage that has been celebrated for centuries in Japanese culture. It’s the perfect coffee alternative because it heightens energy and focus for 4-6 hours without causing jitters & crashes and only contains 1/3 the caffeine per cup.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Want to know the benefits of coffee vs. tea 
- Like reading or want to like reading
- Are a fan of Paul Grahams essays
- Want to know how Steve thinks about raising money
- Want to know which legendary VC Steve stays in touch with via email
- Are curious to know about Steve's systems he has in place to maintain high levels of productivity and happiness 
- And tons more!
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What is Forward Thinking Founders?

Forward Thinking Founders is a founder podcast where we interview high potential founders from networks like Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Product Hunt, Twitter, etc. and brings to light what they're building for the world. Think of it like the opposite of How I Built This, where we interview founders before they are successful, then if they are, we have a moment in time we can look back on in the early days. Does the model work? Look at our early interviews and you'll have your answer.