The 80its

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Will and Ray visit 16-Bit Bar + Arcade to determine if the arcade experience of the 1980s is better than that provided online today. Will speaks with Mike Clark of 16-Bit Bar and interviews a friend about working at an arcade in his youth.

Show Notes

Will and Ray take a road trip to 16-Bit Bar + Arcade in Cleveland, Ohio. There they discuss news about current media based on 1980s pop culture with fans of the 80its.Topics include GLOW and Billy Mitchell. Will speaks with Mike Clark, the Marketing Manager for 16-Bit's parent company. Will and Ray have a rematch to determine the Frogger champion. And Will interviews his friend and fellow 80it Brett, who worked at an arcade in his youth.

What is The 80its?

An objective defense of 1980s pop culture. From a couple of idiots.