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On today's 119th episode of The Thriller Zone I am double-stoked to present a power-packed podcast. Why? I have not one but TWO super-stars on the show.

The first superstar is my lovely and talented wife and today's co-host, Tammy. As I'm sure by now, especially if you've caught any of the shows where Tammy worked by my side, she's a delight to watch and listen to.

The second superstar and our VSG, or Very Special Guest, is Joey Hartstone. You may recall meeting Joey last June when he came on the podcast to discuss his debut thriller The Local. It's an exceptional read, and hard to imagine his first thriller.

The extra bonus of today's podcast? Joey is now the Showrunner and Executive Producer of the hit Showtime series, Your Honor, starring Bryan Cranston. If you haven't seen the show yet, it's, as they say, "worth the price of admission."

So, if you don't subscribe yet, do so now. I'm happy to have Joey back, not only to talk more about his book, The Local, which is doing exceptionally well, but to discuss a television show that Tammy and I think is simply among the very best writing in television today. And no, I'm not just saying that because Joey is our guest; we loved the show way before he took over the EP reigns.

Kick back, pour yourself a little something--unless of course you're driving, and enjoy one of the funnest and finest hours of podcasts you'll hear this week. We hope so, anyway.

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