Remote Pep Talks with Ryan Millar

On this episode Ryan sits with Mike Brown of New York's Pineapple Improv ( This discussion falls under the heading of a "Project Pitch Polish" episode, as Ryan and Mike dive into the mechanics and specifics of how Mike talks about his improv baby, and also they talk about the value of using the gift of pineapple as conversation fodder. They also get into Mike's love of collectibles, dinner party etiquette, and film buffery. Mike is an ebullient, engaging and passionate guy who also happens to be a seasoned improviser and all-around good human. Enjoy! 

What is Remote Pep Talks with Ryan Millar?

Host Ryan Millar takes input from an audience member and gives some heartfelt and hopefully helpful advice and a bit of a pep talk. From a rowboat on a lake to a busy Roman street, each episode takes place somewhere different.