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Vincent Prouillet talks about his experience building the Zola static site generator and reflects back on five years of work with Rust.

Show Notes

Vincent is the creator of Zola (Formerly Gutenburg), a Static Site Generator built with Rust and Tera, a Jinja2-like template engine.

If you create a site with Zola, Vincent would appreciate you adding your site to the EXAMPLES file in the repository.

You can also take a look at the source for this website which is currently built with Zola.

Vincent Prouillet

Tools/Crates used by Zola

Static Site Hosts

Crates for Web Applications

Compiled Template Engines

Runtime Template Engines

Static Site Generators
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  •  [00:00:19] What's a static site generator?
  •  [00:03:12] How easy is it to build and edit a site?
  •  [00:07:18] Why create a new static site generator?
  •  [00:11:55] The Tera template engine and Vincent's experience building it
  •  [00:17:13] Creating filters and tests to use with Tera
  •  [00:23:49] What's a taxonomy?
  •  [00:25:08] Mapping content to URLs
  •  [00:30:13] The experience of being an open source maintainer
  •  [00:33:17] Rust crates and features used by Zola
  •  [00:36:17] How the Rust ecosystem ensured fast performance
  •  [00:39:55] Is Rust ready for web applications?
  •  [00:42:45] What applications are best suited to Rust now?
  •  [00:46:10] Issues or things you wish existed in Rust?
  •  [00:50:28] Helping out with Zola

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