The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

Are you stuck? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and kicking up a lot of dust and going nowhere? In this compelling episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Juli Shulem has got you covered as she shows us how to design better systems that will help you and your team get more done by being better organized, reducing stress, and increasing productivity.

Juli shares her expertise in creating a single list of action items that includes team members. By following her advice, you can create a system that works and avoid setting yourself up for failure. This episode is packed with actionable insights that will help you and your team reach new heights.

You'll discover how to improve your organizational skills, manage stress, and boost productivity. By tuning in, you'll gain powerful insights and practical tips that will help you achieve more and work smarter. Whether you're a team member, leader, or senior manager, this episode is overflowing with valuable information to help you and your team succeed. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional growth – Listen Now - Listen Often!

What is The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast?

Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage, a Gregg Gregory Podcast. Informal and insightful conversations with professionals and experts in the TLC arena - Teamwork, Leadership, Culture. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.