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We talk about visiting Bret Michaels hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania...and find out there's some solid history to be discovered!

Show Notes

Best known as the lead singer of the 80's hair band, Poison, Bret Michaels had a big impact on Jenn's life. We took an opportunity to do something a little different and film a Walk With History video from his hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania!

Walking through small town Pennsylvania was that much more fun as we explored where he grew up, went to high school, played, and eventually put his father to rest.

Bret Michaels Hometown Tour (video)
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What is Talk With History?

A closer look at how the past continues to impact today. TWH was born from a desire to dive deeper in to the historical events that continue to impact our lives every day...without many even realizing it. Many episodes start from where we have walked in our YouTube journey and include details that may not have made the editor's cut!