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Do we really need yet another marketing tool given the overcrowded Martech (marketing tech) space? That was the big question on my mind when I sat down to talk to Andrus Purde about his latest startup, Outfunnel. Andrus was head of marketing at Pipedrive and had worked at Skype and so was no stranger to building great startups, but how do you do this in a mature market? In this episode, Andrus talks to me about his process: from his detailed interview process and how to analyze hundreds of unstructured conversations to his go-to-market strategy for building a niche product in a crowded market. Outfunnel is trying to solve the big problem of marketing and sales alignment for SMBs and Andrus shares his perspective on how organizations can do this better.

Show Notes

  • [1:22] What is the pain that Outfunnel is trying to solve and who is your target market?
  • [3:28] Can you tell me a little about your journey to starting Outfunnel?
  • [4:30] How did you validate the problem you were solving?
  • [8:03] How did you determine if the problem is a feature or something you can build a business around?
  • [9:22] What are the challenges you’re facing in entering a mature market?
  • [10:12] How did you get the first 500 customers?
  • [15:51] From a sales perspective, what should founders do to help scale the pipeline and create a more scalable business?
  • [18:53] What do you think are the key metrics to track for marketing and sales alignment?
  • [25:13] How did you come up with pricing for Outfunnel?
  • [26:11] How do you work with large platforms?

Book recommendation:
Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

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