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In this episode, we sit down with Adam Stark, Special Forces Veteran and Co-Founder of Jet.Build. Jet.Build is a provider of cloud-based project management solutions created specifically for real estate developers and construction professionals.  
With a background in the Special Forces, Adam brings a unique perspective to the table. He combines his military expertise with his skills in project management and technology. He is also committed to holistic leadership, personal development, and making a positive impact in his industry and community.  
In our conversation, we unpack transitioning from a military to a professional career, the skills that cross over, and the ways the military and construction are similar. We also dive into his path to starting a tech startup, how Jet.Build is driving innovation, and the range of services the company offers.  
Join us as we explore how Adam and his company are paving the way forward in the built environment. Tune in now! 
Key Points From This Episode: 
  • Adam’s journey from construction to founding a tech startup. 
  • Learn how the Jet.Build is revolutionizing the sector with technology. 
  • Adam’s advice and valuable lessons for other leaders in construction. 
“[Jet.Build] is going to provide you with modern technology that is easy to understand and easy to use.” — Adam Stark [0:14:55] 
“[Jet.Build] has the ability to implement at a pace that these legacy companies cannot even fathom.” — Adam Stark [0:15:38] 
“Not only does [Jet.Build’s technology] protect you as you build your project, [but] it allows productivity for all of your stakeholders and prepares you for the future.” — Adam Stark [0:18:56] 
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