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A lot has happened since this interview with Alison McDowell was first conducted and posted on January 26, 2021. Check the links in the show notes. Regardless of the crypto-drama, the research McDowell offers is still critically important.

Show Notes

For additional context, check out the following RD blog posts: The Conflicted Role Of Blockchain Technology For Those Fighting Against The Totalitarian Predator Class; Understanding The Manipulations Of Raul Diego And His Negative Impact On The Alternative News Community; Allison McDowell's Graphene World Order: The Research Vs. The Rift.

It's unfortunate this rift persists, and McDowell's relationship with Raul Diego continues, as evidenced by the reference in this blog post.  All one can do is take care of shit in your own backyard, and Philadelphia is a LONG way from Zoom Town.

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