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Rob Barratt, a huge football fan, Founder of Quantitiv Ltd, and Co-Founder of The Industry Leaders, began his career in the construction industry, working on mega projects throughout the UK, Australia, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong. The bulk of that time was focused on managing change, which involved creating systems to ensure contractors were paid for what they had done, and negotiating the best possible outcome with clients. Later, he began to specialise in contract law, dispute resolution and claims. He is fascinated by the art and psychology of negotiation and has also completed the Program on Negotiation, with Harvard University.

Today's episode is all about finding your purpose. Join us as we listen to his heartfelt journey of finding his own #bestmeever.

My Unicorns, enjoy listening!  

Here are a few topics you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • Rob Barratt as a child and his childhood dream.
  • The biggest influence that football still has on Rob as he pursues his current career.
  • Rob’s biggest turning point in figuring out his own purpose.
  • Turning COVID19 pandemic into something positive.
  • Rob’s Quantitiv and theindustryleaders.org. 
  • The challenges that Rob faced when establishing the business during the pandemic.
  • Having achieved all this, what's next for Rob Barratt?
  • Rob’s advice to those people who are having challenges during this difficult time. 
  • One important life lesson that football taught Rob.
Connect with Rob Barratt:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robertbarratt
The Industry Leaders: https://www.theindustryleaders.org/

Connect with Coach Myke Celis:
Website: https://coach-mykecelis.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybestmeever
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhYEL3vxZPctDCUmVCOucg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/my_bestmeever/

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What is #bestmeever Podcast by Coach Myke Celis?

A feel-good podcast filled with beautiful, thought-provoking reflections and inspiring soulful stories to help you become your authentic, unapologetic, grandest version of yourself: your own #bestmeever.

Hosted by Global Master Coach and International Best-Selling Author, Myke Celis.