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Sound of Sanity discusses a mass child sacrifice from Peru.

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What do mass child sacrifice, Aztec savagery, the conquest of Mexico, psychedelics, and demons all have to to do with each other? Find out in this episode of Sound of Sanity.
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Sound of Sanity tackles different topics from everyday life, reminding regular Bible-believing Christians that we're not the crazy ones.

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Hello everybody. Welcome to Santa in sanity. We're gonna hit the ground running today. Nathan. I'm your humble OB hos. We've got Ben. He's the preacher. Who's a teacher of sanity. and Ben, you have the privilege, the exciting responsibility, the authority, the, you have so many things when it comes to introducing.
I mean, I don't even want to say anything more. I wanna let you do it. I have a working voice box. You can hear it right now. It's Jacob Binzel pastor. Who's a master of sanity. Hello, Jake. Hey, welcome to the sound of San. Thanks. You feel insane today? Am I feeling sane today or did I say you feeling insane today?
It was hard to tell, you know, what, who [00:01:00] cares. You're gonna feel San sane by the end of this episode. That's right. Because we are going to talk about what we're going to talk about, which is, about an ancient mass child. Sacrifice in Peru was what we wanted to talk about today. This is an article from the national geographic.
I'm linked to it in the show notes, but . What's the gist here. There was a single event, mass ritual murder of 140 kids. They found the grave and were able to kind of piece it all together because of all the kids were all killed the same way at the same time and put in the same place. So anyhow, it was the thing, they killed a bunch of babies, a bunch of kids, a bunch of little ones and 140 of them they found.
Ah, okay. So, uh, and it. Dated roughly 500 years ago, according to whatever yeah. Archeological principles they have. So barric, there was some bism from a long time ago. Why do we wanna talk about this today? Well, this is just the usual sort of. [00:02:00] Hey, the Mon child sacrifice is a thing that's always happened and is nothing new.
And I dropped it in the discord for that sort of reason. But then when we were talking about things to talk about, been brought up a book that he has read or has been in the middle of reading and because. We live in this sort of like crazy tension between what we're not allowed, , white man bad.
And so con store is bad native. People's good. That sort of was it Russo or whoever, , the noble Savage? No Sage. Yeah. And then you have things like this that you. Tend to throw mud in the water of that narrative. Maybe the Savage wasn't so noble. In fact, maybe the word Savage is an accurate word.
So we brought it up and just were like, eh, is this, , worth pointing out and worth trying to talk about again. And it was like, I've been reading a book. And so, so you've been reading a book, Ben been a book called the broken Spears. well, most of it is just selections [00:03:00] from the Aztecs own records of the conta doors.
And some of that, I, I think, I, sorry, I'm not finished with this book yet, but some of that is like through you know, Spaniards had native informants who, whose accounts they wrote down. And some of that is through the Aztec zone stuff. And just reading about Aztec civilization and the scale in which they practiced human sacrifice.
Was something mm-hmm it was something there was a dude like a political, a really powerful politician, basically who codified a new religion worshiping the sun. God, what's his name? I can't, I can't remember. And oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Illa ley. Who and that's, that's the son and he needed to be fed human blood.
And this, this, this guy basically kept his, his, his idea for keeping the assets powerful was to keep them in a constant state of war so that they could get human sacrifices. They even. Had had an ongoing war with like a nearby [00:04:00] people who they could have easily conquered. Cuz they were super rich, super powerful.
They could have conquered, but they didn't what they wanted was to keep war going so they could always get captives so they could keep sacrificing captives. You can imagine how much those people hated the Aztecs. Yeah. When the con came, they were like, yes, baby, sign us up. Let's. I mean, people hated the Aztecs, cuz the Aztecs were just like, we're gonna sacrifice there there's even some, some quote and I'm not gonna be able to pull these like I want, but , there's some quote like all it's literally like all nations.
To appear before the sun, God let's, this is we're we're to bring in all the nations, which is a demonic parody of Christianity, because of course, what you want with all the nations is to shed their blood, right. Is to kill them. The sun, God wants to eat them. And you read about this ancient society and what they were like, , it is [00:05:00] amazing to me.
It's amazing to me and reading, especially reading things that are kind of in their own words. Mm-hmm, just how they thought of themselves. But I, I don't know what you want, but I'm just gonna give you a grab bag of interesting stuff. Yeah. Please repeat the title for me again, the broken Spears, the broken Spears, the broken Spears.
I've rarely found something that's so fascinating. I mean, it's, it's horrible, but I mean, it, it, it reminds me of the experience I had in believes of seeing some, oh man, this is terrible. I wanna say Mayan ruins. I think Mayan ruins. and, standing in the ruins of a place where people were sacrificed human sacrifices and, and feeling very, very gratified, very happy that this civilization was dead.
Mm-hmm just like just, just a surge of like anger. Just a sense of like this, this is gross. So, so before. Okay. Let, let me, let me just read a couple of things because this book [00:06:00] recounts a lot of omens they saw. Yeah. The Aztec saw before the Spaniards got there. So the first bad O. 10 years before the Spaniards first came here, a bad Oman appeared in the sky.
It was like a flaming ear of corn or a fiery signal, or the blade of daybreak. It seemed to bleed fire drop by drop like a wound in the sky. It was wide at the base and narrow at the peak. And it shown in the very heart of the heavens. This is how it appeared. It shown in the Eastern sky. In the middle of the night, it appeared at midnight and burned till the break of day, but vanished at the rising of the sun.
The time during which it appeared to us was a full year, beginning in the year 12 house. It's the name of one of their years. When it first appeared, there was great outcry, confusion that people clapped their hands against their mouths. They were amazed and frightened and asked themselves what it could mean.
It just keeps going through all these bizarre, like disasters and strange omens that happened to her, the arrival of the Spaniards. And some of these are so weird that you just don't, we don't have a grid for them. I don't have, [00:07:00] I don't, I don't have to have grid for what I'm. I will say the grid that I'm not subscribing to this, but the grid that a lot of people will put on it is the early U.
Sure the Aztecs are rich with the things that find their way onto those stupid history channel show, you know, ancient aliens and all that. Right. Right. Well, this, my, my grid is of course this is, these people are sacrificing to demons. Demons are actual beings that have real power mm-hmm and there was a shake up in the heavenlys let's say because all the, that power and all the sacrifice of blood was about to stop.
So here's, here's just a couple more, this is like, there's some creepy horror movie stuff in here, but here I'll tell you, I'll tell you the, I'll tell you the bizarre one, and then I'll tell you the more creepy. Seventh bad Oman. A strange creature was captured in the nets. The man who fished the lakes, caught a bird, the color of ashes, a bird resembling a crane.
They brought it to Moku Zuma. So that's Montezuma, but his, they actually, the way [00:08:00] you pronounced his name was Moku Zuma in the black house, which I think is palace the black house. Mm-hmm this bird . And this is just, I don't know. What, what can you do with this? This bird wore a strange mirror in the crown of its head.
The mirror was pierced in the center, like a spindle H and the night sky could be seen in its face. The hour was noon, but the stars and the Mazak could be seen in the face of that mirror. Moku took it as a great and bad Oman when he saw the stars in the, that other word. But when he looked at the mirror a second time, he saw a distant plane.
People were moving across it, spread out in ranks and coming forward in great haste. They made war against each other and rode on the backs of animals, resembling deer, mote, Zuma called for his magicians and wise men and asked them, can you explain what I have seen creatures like human beings running and fighting.
But when they looked into the mirror to answer him all had vanished away and they saw nothing. Another account describes that the [00:09:00] bird vanished and that's, that's a, that's a repeating theme in these accounts. It's like Mon Cuomo will call them magicians and ask them like, please tell me what's going on.
They'll be like something, something is happening and you're gonna suffer it. We don't know what, and he'll, he'll be like, put 'em in jail then he'll, he'll send his steward back to question them. And the steward will be like, they're gone. The jail is empty and no one saw them leave. And I have guards at the doors and we, we don't know where, where , you're just like, what is happening in this place?
So here. Here's maybe the creepiest one. It's the last thing I'm gonna read about these omens? The sixth wonder was this, the people heard in the night, the voice of a weeping woman who sobbed and side and drowned herself in her tears. This woman cried, oh, my sons, we are lost. Or she cried, oh my sons, where can I hide you?
And that's so that's one of the. Anti intercedence according to this book of the [00:10:00] LA the weeping woman legend. Okay. In Mexico. And that's, it's, it's, it's one of their goddesses. Hmm. And you just, I don't know what it's it's like, you're, you're butting up against the reality of the power, the religious power of human sacrifice.
The reality that a spiritual thing corresponded to everything that they did, which we've said, we've talked about that kind of thing before, but it's like, you're reading a fairytale. Mm-hmm about people who sacrificed humans. It's like, where did you, did you read the brothers grim to make up that bird? No, they didn't read the brothers grim.
They were like interacting with the demonic world. In a very intense and gross way. It's more like, well, when you read, never can Neer, when you read two about their use of psychedelics and how intertwined that was with their religious culture and their interaction with the demonic world, it all gets crazier.
Mm-hmm, like that overlap is real and [00:11:00] deep and deeply demonic. And that's why, yeah, what we're not saying is, They use psychedelics. Therefore, all this stuff is explainable as natural phenomena. No, no, no, no. They use psychedelics and it, it, it, it should, , everybody should be waking up to the reality of the move of our culture into paganism and the rise of psychedelics.
And again, the child murder that is abortion. Mm-hmm . It's just these things go hand in hand and you have to be thinking and working your way through it. And, you have to get ahead of it. Mm-hmm you have to get ahead of, because , the idea that is increasingly becoming mainstream is that psychedelics are actually the cure mm-hmm to all of life's problems.
They're the cure to our anxiety, the, the cure to our insomnia. They're the cure to our alcoholism alcoholism. They're the cure to to the hatred that's in the world today. What we need is to all just sort of like chill [00:12:00] out take some psilocybin have exper encounter our dark side in the net world.
Chill out. Be cool with killing the babies and everything else. And it's all it all just sort of like goes hand in hand mm-hmm . Well, the, the other thing that I thought reading about, mote Zuma's, , terrified attempts to understand what was going to happen and to be ready to like meet Cortez and meet him as the return of the God Zel, Kole, I believe.
Oh, it's it's it's it's him. He's come back, sending him this special religious armor. That he had made and having his messengers dress him in it. When they first arrived on the ship, doing all these things, not knowing really what he was dealing with at all, is that, I mean, the conta doors are the judgment of God, however much they knew that and are not, I don't know.
I I'm, I feel still pretty ignorant of this, this period and who these people were. I'm learning more about it, but it's just, this is, they [00:13:00] did everything they did. Yeah. And they did everything. , they were their own judgment. Like, yes, they, they did everything backwards, right? Oh, this we're terrified of these Spaniards.
And we're terrified that they're the gods and that they're the gods coming to render judgment on us. So let's pave the streets with human blood. That's. I remember reading that specifically. I remember reading a quote as I've read a few extras from this book, broken SP there's a part where Cortez's men show up and they see the skulls and the heads and the blood and everything, and they all start throwing up.
, and it's precisely because , the, savages have. said, well, we need to prepare for them and we need to appease them. So let's do all this stuff. Yeah. And they're just horrifying. Right. We couldn't't have done anything more horrifying and to make them more ready to just.
Raise this city to the ground. Well, listen, I mean, here's another quote, Moku Zuma also sent captives to be sacrificed because the [00:14:00] strangers might wish to drink their blood. The Envoy sacrificed these captives in the presence of the strangers, but when the white men saw this done, they were filled with disgusted and loathing, this spat on the ground, or wiped away their tears or closed their eyes and shook their heads in a Ponce.
They refused to eat the food that was sprinkled with blood because it wreaked of it. It's sicken them as if the blood had rotted. They'd mixed their chocolate. Blood or with different things to make it. like look like blood, right? Oh man. Different herbs to try to develop even like their chocolate, they would drink it they'd drink their cocoa, but they tried to get it to emulate blood both in its consistency in its color.
Try to develop diet blood, basically. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It's like, it's like a vampire movie. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, so I mean, I was reading about that in a like, some, some part of health, social media was like discover the secrets of the, in their like, detailing. Like the ancient recipes were making their [00:15:00] chocolate, , CACO nibs into these concoctions that emulated , human blood. It's like, no, the fact, wow. And this is the kind of thing that you can read about on like health and fitness, Twitter, or something like that, because it's like that it's coming back to that level of detail. Well, you have to understand that vampire is real and it's because people have always understood what goes all the way back to Genesis, which is that the blood is the life.
I mean, that's right. It's, it's just true. God did make it that way. And so the perversion of. Is drinking and eating blood. I mean, it's just that simple. And that's been true of every PGAN civilization and it's why God forbid it. And it's why God he didn't forbid it because no one was ever gonna be interested in doing it.
Right. And it's like, what's the one thing that the apostles kept in their act in acts 15 from the ceremonial law, but don't, don't drink the blood mm-hmm. Well, anything else to say about the book or no, not, not so far. What, what I think is crazy, did you guys ever have to read the narrative of the [00:16:00] captivity of Mrs.
Mary Robinson? It's a pretty famous account. First person account of a woman kidnapped in early America, Puritan woman kidnapped by, you know, I'm familiar with this story, but I don't, I haven't think I've ever read it. That's a horrifying story, right? The natives come in, they raise her town, they kill some of her children.
I think they kill her husband. It's been a long time since I've had to read it, but she sees her kids die in front of her. And then she's taken captive by these savages and has to have to live with them. And, and for a while, and then she is eventually is restored to Kristen and dun and writes her tail.
And the thing that drives me nuts is you'll read a story about a blue elephant. And then the person who's explaining the story will be like, wasn't that a great story about a, pink Flamingo and be like, I thought I was reading a story about a, a blue elephant. And they're like, yeah, but pink flamingos are what we believe in now.
People will be like, man, do you see how Mary Rawson is just making all these assumptions about the natives? Like, yeah, she's making those assumptions. Cause they just beat her kid to death [00:17:00] with the rock you know, , in front of her, like
do you see how her Christian beliefs are contaminating her ability contam to, to understand the people who murdered her family and inducted her into their Savage chanting. And it is like, what do you guys need to understand that these people were brutal? And that's not to say that you, you could read the primary sources, the first person accounts of how brutal.
Americans were Americans. , I'm a racist of how brutal Europeans were of how brutal Columbus' men were. You can read about the rape. You can read people bragging about the rape of the NA like literal sexual rape of native women. You can read all that stuff. It's not that they were categorically always as bad as they could be.
And we were always categorically as good as we could be. , that's not true. But there was still a civilization that God had elected for destruction because of its extreme depravity. And there still was a [00:18:00] civilization that had some belief in God and in the truth of God and in Christian warfare and the two aren't equivalent.
And you can understand that Columbus's men did terrible things and that malaria blankets are bad. Like you, we can call out the wickedness, of all this stuff, , we don't have to be wooden about any of these things. Yep. There's lot, lots of bad stuff, lots bad people, but you have to be able to distinguish between people who are doing great evil in the name of actual good and people who are doing evil in the name of evil and history is full of both things.
And, and Chesterton says it best. He says people always say Christ, couldn't be really Christ because Christ brought about the inquisition and brought about all that stuff. And Chesterton's like, no, men are so bad that when the greatest good happens, that's when the greatest bad happens.
You should expect. You should not be surprised. In fact, you should be surprised if it doesn't happen that the greatest [00:19:00] atrocities are oftentimes connected to the greatest. Good, because that's. How bad we were. So not, not only should you not be surprised, but you should just be like, oh, of course they started the inquisition in the name of Jesus, because that's just how people are.
People are really bad, but I'll tell you who's even worse. Is the Aztecs. I mean, they were a demonic pagan civilization, and if you didn't catch it, this is their account that bends mm-hmm that? This book collates. Yeah, that's right. It's. Some white guy that came along and needed to do propaganda for the regime or anything like that.
This is them. Confusedly writing down all the things and not being able to make sense of it and not understanding why their God's, despite all of their sacrifices have elected them for this destruction. where is the sun? God. Yeah. Ah, right. Well anything else you guys wanna say about this wonderfully edifying topic?
Don't think so. I do keep [00:20:00] thinking about footage. I've seen, I mean, it's been all over the place since Dobbs, but all the footage of people just saying, yes, I want to kill my baby. Like yes, abortion is killing a baby and I I've killed 21 of 'em. , you see all, you see that kind of. And that's why I have no patience for Lucy K or bill Burr or any of these guys that are like, ha ha.
Yeah, we know it's killing babies. Let's all have a cathartic laugh about that. Those guys are cowards and idiots mm-hmm and they're gonna burn on judgment day. And I, I, I just, I have less patience for them actually, cuz they figure out cause yeah, bill Byrd does feel bad about it. You can tell, he feels bad about it.
You can tell the Louis CCK feels bad about it, but the fact that they actually have a conscience about it and then figure out a way to make us all kind of UNS. Laugh about it. Yep. Is Chappelle. Yeah, Chappelle I think all three of damnable. And I hate when I see conservative Christians trying to own them or trying to be happy.
Somebody who said abortions, murder, everybody knows abortions, murder. Everybody. We're getting to the place [00:21:00] as our culture becomes murder botch, where everybody will say that it's murder. And they'll just say murder's good some of the time or much of the time when it's in service of your gods. So I have no patience for that.
That's all I have to say. Anything else you guys have to say. Nope. Yeah. I just thought I do have one more thing to say, which is go to Patriot or high fours opportunity to support the show. Be part of our discord. you can read articles about Peruvian sacrifices early and be like, I wonder if they'll do a show about that and you can talk with us about GK Chesterton's orthodoxy and all kinds of fun stuff.
Good group of people on our discord. And if you can, do other things on P too, Pedro do com for slash sound of sanity. Next time, stay sane.